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Unjust decision of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine about the use of an ancient Orthodox cathedral

February 21, 2016. The Ukrainian authorities gave the permission to the so-called Kiev Patriarchate to use a chapel in the honor of the prince Yaroslav the Wise, inside the Church of Saint Sophia (God’s Wisdom), as the website pravlife reports. By this decision the Ministry of culture of Ukraine provoked conflicts between the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and […]

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Defamation of the Khust Diocese.

February 20, 2016. The information provided in the publication of the Transcarpathian diocese of the Kiev Patriarchate of the 17th of February on the alleged harassment of the villagers Teresva Transcarpathian region, because they moved to the jurisdiction of the so-called Kiev Patriarchate, does not correspond to the reality according to the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s diocese […]

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Illegal position of the Ukrainian government on the use of building of an ancient Cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

February 19, 2016. The Minister of Culture of Ukraine, Mr. V.Kirilenko said during the session of the Parliamentary Assembly, that the he will allow to the non-canonical Kiev Patriarchate to celebrate the services in the church of Saint Sophia, which is now a museum and belongs to the State, as the website uoj reports. The Minister of Culture asked from […]

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Representatives of Ukrainian Orthodox Church meet with Human Rights Ambassador from Kingdom of the Netherlands

February 19, 2016, in the Ecclesiastical archaeological office of the Kyiv Theological Academy representatives of the Synodal Departments of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church met with the Human Rights Ambassador from the Kingdom of the Netherlands Mr. Kees van Baar. As the official website of the Department of External Church Relations reports, the highly esteemed guest was accompanied by Ms. Minke […]

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Kiev City Council decided that the petition for the transfer of the Lavra to the Kiev Patriarchate is illegal

February 17, 2016. The City Council of Kiev (Ukraine) withdrew without consideration the petition on the transfer of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) to Kiev Patriarchate, as this initiative is not in conformity with current legislation, as the website reports. The e-petition is out of responsibility of the City Council, and its content is […]

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