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Russian Foreign Ministry draws CoE officer’s attention to deteriorating believers’ rights in Ukraine

Moscow, March 23, Russian Foreign Ministry Ombudsman for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov, has criticized the religious rights situation in Ukraine, at a meeting with the Council of Europe’s Director General of Democracy Snezana Samardzic-Markovic, as the website Interfax-Religion reports. “He pointed out systematic flagrant violations of freedom of religion by means of consistent seizures […]

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A criminal attack on the lawyer of Ternopol Diocese.

March 22, 2016. Human rights activist is constantly subjected to insults and humiliation from the representatives of radical group “Right Sector”, as reported by the Information and Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. On 22 of March, after the hearing in the Court of Appeal of Ternopol region the unknown attacked Zakharchuk A.P., a lawyer of Ternopol Diocese (Ukraine) […]

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A priest of the Kyiv Patriarchate attempted to provoke the capture of a church belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

March 15, 2016. In Ivanopol village of Chudnovski region (Ukraine), a priest of the Kyiv Patriarchate attempted to incite the residents to capture a church belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This action was, however, prevented through the joint efforts of the local authorities and the representatives of the UOC. The present information was provided by the archpriest Stephan Perig, […]

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UN recognizes violation of rights of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine

March 14, 2016. Representatives of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, have reported the violation of the rights of Orthodox Christians in Western Ukraine, as the website Interfax-Religion reports. They visited the Ternopol and Rovno regions of Ukraine, from 28th January until February 1st, where representatives of the self-proclaimed Kiev Patriarchate made numerous attempts to seize […]

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A Ukrainian politician is accused of non-patriotism because he got married in a temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate)

March 12, 2016. Anatoly Gritsenko, ex -Defense Minister, expressed his discomfort during a press conference in Lviv (Ukraine). He considers as immoral and groundless the accusations of non-patriotism for getting married in a temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the individuals who expressed such accusations as “people without Christ, as reports the website Glavkom. “Honestly, I didn’t think that […]

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