Recent violations

Representative of Ukrainian Orthodox Church appeals to international organization over facts of mass violations of rights of believers in Ukraine
2019-02-18 22:15:44 Posted in: Ukraine
The police unreasonably detained Metropolitan Mitrofan a day after his eparchy declared its loyalty to the canonical Church and its primate His Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry of Kiev and All Ukraine.
2019-02-18 20:57:13 Posted in: Discrimination, violation of freedom of expression of Orthodox Christians by a Stateinterference by StateUkraineTagged in: Ukraine
The citizen of Ukraine, Bishop Gedeon has been deprived of his citizenship and deported to the United States, on the day of his participation in the session at the Supreme Court of Ukraine questioning the legitimacy of a Parliament's directive with respect to a religious issue.
2019-02-14 21:40:30 Posted in: Ukraine
Bishop Gedeon has been detained in the airport by the Security Service of Ukraine
2019-02-13 22:08:35 Posted in: Ukraine
St Trinity’s Church was Burgled for the 19th Time (since 1999)
2019-02-10 21:30:09 Posted in: Kosovo (territory)
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