Recent violations

The Constitutional Court has opened legal proceedings over a complaint about the discriminatory law against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.
2019-04-24 13:49:05 Posted in: interference by StateUkraine
Holy Synod voices support to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church
2019-04-11 04:24:54 Posted in: interference by StateUkraine
New draft law of Penal code abolishes petty offences inter alia for malicious blasphemy and religious insult.
2019-04-10 06:47:55 Posted in: Greeceimpediment by State
Problem of violation of the rights of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church’s faithful raised at OSCE meeting
2019-04-09 08:28:32 Posted in: interference by StateUkraine
The church life of the faithful in Dubrovsko has been disturbed by the dispute over the ownership of their church in Media.
2019-04-08 11:31:23 Posted in: buildings of worshipMontenegrosymbolic attack
Encourage the Council of Europe member states to respect freedom of religion, share this: