Recent violations

The arson of a wooden temple and a Sunday school in Moscow
2018-10-13 23:47:12 Posted in: arsonRussia
Georgian Church refutes false information coming from Ukrainian parliamentary chairman
2018-10-08 04:40:09 Posted in: Reaction to defamationUkraine
The forceful seizure of the Metropolitan Chambers possessed by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the Ivano-Frankivsk region
2018-09-28 20:47:43 Posted in: property rightsUkrainevandalism
Fake accounts of UOC clergymen created on Facebook, disseminates provocative information
2018-09-23 13:00:45 Posted in: defamationUkraine
In Uman, Hasidim set fire to the worship cross
2018-09-20 20:25:00 Posted in: arsondesecrationUkrainevandalism