Attempt of seizure of Orthodox chapel in Ukraine

January 5, 2016. In village of Nikiforovtsy of the Nemirov district, Vinnitsa region (Ukraine) St. Basil the Great’s chapel was attended by representatives of the Kiev Patriarchate who got off the locks. The intruders did not show any documents proving their ownership of the temple, as reports Union of the Orthodox Journalists. The incident was preceded by a meeting, which, […]

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Radicals attack Orthodox shrine in Ternopol at night

January 3, 2017. Nearly at 3 a.m., activists of the “Right Sector” showed off at the background of the only canonical Cathedral in the city and banners calling to “drive away Moscow priests”. The pictures were posted by radicals on their page in Facebook. This was the first night picket of nationalists, as reports UOJ. Radicals might have been scared […]

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Radicals attack UOC temple in Ptichya village

January 2, 2017. In Ptichya village of Dubno district, Rovno region (Ukraine), dissenters are trying to seize a temple of the UOC. According to the UOJ source, a police squad has been called to the place, as reports UOJ. Adherents of the Kiev Patriarchate got together in a church house on the pretext of having a choir rehearsal. According to […]

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