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Vandal act over the shrine of Saint Vasilije of Ostrog near Gusinje, Montenegro

July 16, 2020. The church-yard of St. Vasilije of Ostrog in the village of Martinovići near Gusinje, Montenegro, has constantly been under attacks of a group of vandals, but the State Security Centre has not done anything concerning that. The recently erected gate and fence around the church property, in order to prevent entry of cattle into the church, has […]

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Cathedral and church vandalized in Thessaloniki and Trikala

February 19, 2020. Two young men have been arrested and charged with vandalism at the Saint Gregory Palamas Holy Metropolitan Church in Thessaloniki. The incident occurred around 3:30 AM when the 24 and 22-year-olds splattered paint and scattered flyers at the busts in the Metropolitan Courtyard, reports Vima Orthodoxias. The young men, members of the Thessaloniki Freedom Initiative, acted in […]

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