Icon of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg vandalized at UOC temple

July 20, 2020. In Kyiv, vandals threw stones at an icon at the UOC Church of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg, breaking the glass and damaging the icon, reports Archpriest Gleb Pomelov, the rector of the temple, on his Facebook page on July 19, 2020.

“For 12 years of life, the Church of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg at the Sviatoshin cemetery has undergone many trials …,” wrote the priest. “There have been repeated break-in attempts. There have been successful burglaries. There was a fire in a nearby building, less than a meter away from the temple, which burned pine trees and made the metal melt, but the fire did not even touch the church. There were many trials, but this happened for the first time. The vandals encroached on Blessed Xenia herself, threw stones at her icon and damaged the glass and the icon”.

The rector appealed to all who were not indifferent for help in restoring the shrine.

Visual testimony: