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The UOC temple comes under fire in Donetsk region

August 30, 2018. The OSCE Monitoring Mission recorded holes in the church wall and shrapnel damage in the adjacent building. The Holy Protection temple of the UOC, located in the village Staromikhailovka of Mariinsky district of Donetsk region, came under fire. This was stated in a report by the OSCE Monitoring Mission dated August 26. “On August 26 in Staromikhailovka, […]

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Human rights activists: Obstructing UOC Cross Procession is a criminal offence

July 26, 2018. Commenting on media reports on precluding by authorities of participation of the UOC believers in the procession, human rights activists say it is a criminal offense. According to the explanatory note made by NGO Public Advocacy, precluding a religious rite is a criminal offense under article 180 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. This is stated on […]

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In Odessa parishioners and clergy not allowed into the church for worship

August 14, 2018. Represenatives of the UOC KP and UGCC were allowed into the Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church at the Odessa Military Academy while parishioners of the UOC were denied access. On the early morning of August 14, the clergy and numerous parishioners came to the Fontanka road to take part in the festive divine service. However, at the […]

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Radicals threaten Orthodox bishop and broke into the Orthodox youth camp

July 26, 2018. Right-wing radicals broke into the Orthodox youth camp of the UOC but the children were not found there because the camp had finished working a day earlier. The nationalists threatened His Eminence himself because of the youth camp and beat the editor of the local newspaper for writing an article about the children’s holiday time. This was […]

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UOC reports to OSCE on barring believers from participation in procession

July 26, 2018.  OSCE representatives recorded all facts of obstructing by authorities of UOC believers’ participation in the cross procession on the occasion of 1030th anniversary of Rus Baptism. Archbishop Clement of Nezhin and Priluki reported on facts of infringement of the rights of believers to representatives of the OSCE special monitoring mission in Ukraine during the meeting on July 25 […]

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