In Kyiv several armed ATO fighters beat up a UOC priest

September 5, 2020. In the evening, September 4, 2020, several armed ATO fighters near the NewWay mall in Kyiv beat a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, reports Vesti.

According to media reports, the victim received very serious injuries as a result of the attack. Despite this, the priest refused to write a statement to the police against the offenders, saying that “God is their judge”.

The witness said that “a drunken ATO fighter beat the monk (who turned out to be disabled after a stroke), severely beat him with his fists”. According to her, there were five attackers.

In turn, the ATO fighters stated that they had the right to such actions: “We were in the ATO, and he is a priest of the UOC-MP, and this gives us the right to such actions.”