Radicals attack UOC procession from Tetiiv to Rude Selo

August 12, 2020.  Activists attacked the icon and shouted insults at the pilgrims, including many children.

On August 10, 2020, radicals attacked the cross procession of the UOC, which was heading from Tetiiv to Rude Selo in the Kyiv region to celebrate the miraculous Rude Selo Icon of the Mother of God. The video from the scene was published on the Facebook page of the Rude Selo Icon community.

The activists intended to prevent the cross-walkers even before the beginning of the prayer procession when the believers were just gathering at the temple in Tetiiv.

“Who can, who has the desire, who considers himself a patriot of Ukraine – please, arrive at the church, we will stop this evil together. Their time is over, it is time to drive them out of Ukraine altogether, to show them where Rostov is, where the border is, and so on. Glory to Ukraine,” one of the “patriots” addressed his comrades-in-arms in his video appeal.

“From ten to twenty residents of Rude Selo greeted with ‘love’ the cross procession to the Rude Selo Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos and strengthened their love with the love of ‘patriots’ from the town of Tetiiv,” says the message of the “Rude Selo Icon” Facebook community. “<…> Rude Selo villagers always welcomed all pilgrims with love. It is very difficult to understand those people who stood in the way of the procession. Where did they get their hatred for all that is holy? Why snatch out the cross and beat them on the icons? By doing so, you show your dislike not only for people but also your attitude to the shrines.”

It is noted that there were many children among the procession participants who were frightened by the opponents of the UOC.

“Tell us, is this what your Gospel teaches? Our God is Love, who is your God? Hatred. What did the cross-walkers do to you that you met them like that? Because they are ‘Muscovites’, you say. You are liars. They are all Ukrainians and have the same rights as you do. You are fighting windmills. Ignorance of the law is not surprising; hatred for people is surprising. Love your neighbour as yourself. This is what the Lord teaches. This is what our pastors teach us. What do your priests teach you? Hatred! Let’s go to beat the ‘Muscovites’, let’s go to take away what we didn’t build! <…> Your ‘love’ crashes and destroys everything, sows discord and anger,” the message stresses.

Despite attempts to interfere with the cross-walkers, the pilgrims arrived in Rude Selo, where on August 11 they took part in a festive service at the site of the appearance of the miraculous Rude Selo Icon of the Mother of God.

On January 18, 2019, radicals attempted to seize the Holy Trinity Church of the UOC in Rude Selo, the home place for the famous miraculous icon, and “transfer” the religious community to the OCU. Then, thanks to the actions of the parishioners, clergy and believers of Volodarka, Tetiiv and Bila Tserkva, the temple was defended. On March 1 of the same year, supporters of the OCU cut off the locks and seized the church, and a week later they disrupted the traditional cross procession of the UOC.

Visual testimony: