A criminal attack on the lawyer of Ternopol Diocese.

March 22, 2016. Human rights activist is constantly subjected to insults and humiliation from the representatives of radical group “Right Sector”, as reported by the Information and Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

On 22 of March, after the hearing in the Court of Appeal of Ternopol region the unknown attacked Zakharchuk A.P., a lawyer of Ternopol Diocese (Ukraine) of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Zakharchuk A.P. is defending the right of St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the village community Butin Zbarazh district on its own temple, which was taken away by separatists using the classic raider scheme in October 2014. Then, at the time of take-over the representatives of the “Kiev Patriarchate” gained over the support of the radicals from the “Right Sector” allegedly “because they feared provocations.”

The abuser with the face covered by Balaclava approached the human rights activist from the back and poured on his head Brilliant Green dye. Because of the eye contact with antiseptic Andrew Petrovich got burned, there is a corresponding medical certificate.

As a result of the attack the criminal proceedings were opened.

The lawyer says that he is constantly subjected to humiliation and insults from the representatives of the “Right Sector”, who attend the court hearing. They allow themselves to push a defender, deliberately trample on his legs and threaten him with physical violence. Therefore, it is likely that the attacker is a member of the radical group.

Such mayhem outraged believers of Ternopol Eparchy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, as radicals have repeatedly excited religious conflicts in the region. As the facts show the arbitrary actions of the “Right Sector” reveal their neglect of the Ukrainian legislation and open disregard for the Constitution.

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