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A priest of the UOC in Volyn and his family were evicted by Court decision at the suit of the Kyiv Patriarchate

April 5, 2016. A priest of the UOC in Ugrinov village of Gorokhov region, Rostislav Sapojnik and his wife Natalia Sapojnik were evicted from the house where they had been living for 18 years, by the decision rendered by Lokachi Regional Court at the suit of the Kyiv Patriarchate, which has subsequently privatized the domicile, as the website Union of […]

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Defamation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1

April 5, 2016. Union of Orthodox Journalists published their investigation of Defamation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by the Ukrainian TV channel 1+1, below we provide text and video of that investigation. “Gastronomic lust of modern viewers has reached its meticulousness peak now. Therefore, it’s not an easy task even for popular TV channels to retain million ratings. In the […]

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Violent actions against Orthodox faithful

April 4, 2016. Those who were locked without food and water inside their own church have been finally replaced by others who volunteered to go in, reported Archpriest Anatoly Bogdanov, head of the local deanery, to the information and educational department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. Fr. Anatoly is currently on the scene, in Pticha village […]

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Religious confrontation in Ukraine

March 31, 2016. A new bill, registered in the parliament, can not only legalize church raiding, but also provoke sectarian conflicts, it says in the UOC, as the website segodnya reports. A group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft bill aimed at amending the regulation of the activities of religious organizations. Legislative act № 4128 “On Amendments […]

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Chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church: We are for national unity.

The chancellor of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, metropolitan Antoniy gave interview to ‘Correspondent’ magazine The wave of violent conflicts between the faithful of different patriarchates over parishes has aggravated the long-standing problem of the Ukrainian church. Most of the citizens consider themselves orthodox Christians. But which church do they identify themselves with? There are three ‘orthodoxy variations’ in Ukraine, says […]

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