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Representatives of the Kyiv Patriarchate prevent the UOC community of Kuty form performing worship.

April 20, 2016. On April 17 in Kuty, a town of Shumsk region in Ternopil, representatives of Kyiv Patriarchate prevented the UOC community’s access to the articles needed for performing worship, a member of the Union of Orthodox Journalists reports. According to the church priest Igor Kushniruk, after the first worship in an equipped tent performed a day before, it […]

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UOC Public Affairs Manager Calls on the Authorities Not to Support “Gay Parades”

April 18, 2016. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church calls on the government not to support public events organized by the LGBT community in Kiev. This was stated by the Public Affairs Manager of the UOC, Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), reports UOJ website. The bishop noted that in recent years the so-called “fighters against discrimination” have increasingly speculated on the topic of European […]

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Acts of hostility against Orthodox clergymen

April 18, 2016. Priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are subjected to regular attacks from radical nationalists and persecutions of the Ukrainian Security Service, coordinator of the Human Rights Advocacy Group on Information about Crimes against personality Maxim Vilkov said, as the website Interfax-Religion reports. “We have registered about 30 such attacks, including not only attacks and illegal detentions, but […]

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Archbishop Luka applied to the authorities of Zaporozhye asking them to address the problem of discrimination of UOC in the region

April 14, 2016. Archbishop of Zaporozhye and Melitopol Luka applied the local authorities on April 14, as reports press service of UOC. In his letter the archpriest expressed the concern of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church about the fact that representatives of the region’s largest religious denomination, the Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Zaporozhye weren’t invited to […]

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Robbery in an Orthodox Church

April 14, 2016. Some people broke into the local church named after St. Dmitry in the village of Illyashivka, Ostrozhsky district as Rivne Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reports. The criminals had broken down the side-door, prowled about the church and got out through the sacrarium. According to the rector of the Church, archpriest Nikolay Lashkevich, the perpetrators didn’t […]

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