The head of the UOC: Deputy Musiy’s allegations about secessionist literature in Lavras are unfounded.

April 6, 2016.The president of the Synodal Juridic Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Alexandr Bahov said the allegations of deputy Oleg Musiy about the availability of secessionist literature in Kiev Pechersk and Pochayiv Lavras are unfounded, as the website Union of Ortodox Journalists reports.

The allegations of Mr Musiy are unfounded! I suppose that they are based on the doubtful journalistic investigations that are currently being dispersed by mass-media. But this may not constitute grounds to accuse the church of separatism.’ – said the president.

Has Mr Musiy personally seen books calling to separatism in Kiev Pechersk and Pochayiv Lavras?’ – asked rhetorically the archpriest Alexandr Klirik and pointed out that dispersing information with secessionist connotation is punishable by law. ‘This case must be investigated by law enforcement authorities with the relevant expertise of the material within the framework of the criminal proceeding. Only after this the court may decide whether the person accused of dispersing secessionist information is guilty or not. This is what we call presumption of innocence. The constitution provides for it.’ he stressed. Let us recall that on Friday, April the 1st during a regular session of Rada, the parliamentary of ‘People’s Control’ party, alleged that secessionist books are available on the shelves of Kiev Pechersk and Pochayiv Lavras.

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