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Closing churches and regulating services is unconstitutional—Russian Presidential Council for Human Rights

July 21, 2020. Officials have no right to close churches and regulate services and religious rites due to the coronavirus pandemic, the President Council for Human Rights believes. On July 17, Valery Fadeev, the Council Chairman, presented a report in St. Petersburg entitled, “Lessons of the Epidemic in Terms of Civil and Human Rights and Freedoms,” which in particular states […]

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St. Petersburg mayor’s order to close churches is unconstitutional, services will continue, says Russian Church

March 27, 2020. Residents of St. Petersburg, Russia, are prohibited from visiting religious sites from March 28 to April 5 according to new measures aimed at containing the quickly-spreading coronavirus. The decree signed by city Governor Alexander Beglov on March 26 prohibits “individuals from visiting objects (territories) of religious organizations, with the exception of the clergy and religious personnel of the […]

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Ukrainian media publish a fake about Patriarch Kirill and Georgian Church

28 September 2019. A number of Ukrainian and Russian media published a fake saying that Patriarch Kirill supports separatism in Georgia. On September 23, the Ukrainian edition “Religiina Pravda” (“Religious Truth”) published information that “the Georgian Patriarchate has accused the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church of promoting separatism”. As it turned out later, this information is not true. In […]

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The criminal proceedings on the insult of feelings of believers were initiated in Kirov

March 21, 2019 – A resident of the city of Kirov from April 2016 to February 2018 was posting on the Internet drawings and inscriptions that showed signs of humiliation of Christians and clergy, express obvious disrespect for society and was insulting religious feelings of believers, found out the regional FSB[note]FSB is the Russian Federal Security Bureau[/note] branch. Kirov Investigative […]

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