Ukrainian media publish a fake about Patriarch Kirill and Georgian Church

28 September 2019. A number of Ukrainian and Russian media published a fake saying that Patriarch Kirill supports separatism in Georgia.

On September 23, the Ukrainian edition “Religiina Pravda” (“Religious Truth”) published information that “the Georgian Patriarchate has accused the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church of promoting separatism”.

As it turned out later, this information is not true.

In particular, the authors of the Telegram channel “Religion Today” note that “Religiina Pravda” refers to a certain Russian-language portal “News-Georgia”, on which there is no information about the “statement of the Georgian Patriarchate”.

In addition, it is reported that on the official website of the Georgian Orthodox Church “the latest news regarding Abkhazia and Russia is dated July 12, 2019.

Based on this, the authors of “Religion Today” conclude that “the statement that the GOC allegedly accuses Patriarch Kirill of ‘promoting separatism’ is a sheer fake aimed at escalating the already tense situation in the Orthodox world”.



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