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Russia appeals ECHR ruling over P-Riot case

October 19, 2018. Three young women from the all-female band were tried in Russia in 2012 for hooliganism after staging an improvised performance in one of the country’s biggest cathedrals for a music video earlier in the same year. The case attracted international attention, with many Western media outlets depicting P-Riot as artists persecuted for their anti-government message. By the […]

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The arson of a wooden temple and a Sunday school in Moscow

October 13, 2018. –  Early in the morning an unknown person set fire to the wooden temporary Orthodox temple in honour of the Icon of the Mother of God “Softener of evil hearts” and the adjacent Sunday School in Uhtomka District, located in the East of Moscow, as was reported by Interfax Religion referring to the Russian Orthodox Synodal Department […]

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Robbery in the Orthodox themple in Bashkiria

August 14, 2018. Bashkir policemen detained a man, suspected of stealing donations from church boxes in a temple in Tuymazy, as reports regional press service of the Ministry of the Interior. The priest of the church appealed to the police with a statement about the theft of more than 11,000 RUR from boxes for donations. The suspect in the crime […]

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