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Robbery and desecration of a Russian Orthodox Church in Voronezh

May 29, 2017 – Unknown assailants have broken into the Bogoyavlensk Orthodox Church in the center of Voronezh and stole the donation box. The incident occurred on Monday morning. The police are currently investigating the perpetrators, trying to determine the amount of the funds stolen. A criminal investigation under article “Theft” has been opened. Furthermore, local media sources state that […]

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Vandals burnt a four-meter cross beside the Andronikov monastery in Moscow

May 29, 2017 – On Sunday night, unknown assailants burnt the four-meter cross beside the Saint Andronikov monastery in Moscow. “The vandals hacked it with an axe, covered it with flammable liquids and burnt the cross beside the monastery”, according to Lada Savonina, the Director of the monastery’s public restoration movement. The cross was established near a miraculous well and […]

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Court in Tver (Russia) defends an assailant, who stabbed an Orthodox priest with scissors

April 21, 2017 – Two courts in the Tver oblast have defended a self-proclaimed “Metropolitan” Oleg Zimayev of a breakaway religious group called “The Apostolic Orthodox Church”. The assailant; Oleg Zimayev, stabbed a priest from the Russian Orthodox Church in the head and arms with scissors in front of two witnesses. The court documents report that the assailant has conducted […]

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