The foundation stone of the St Eugene (Botkin) Church is twice vandalised

October 25, 2018. In Pervouralsk (the Russian Federation), unknowns desecrated the foundation stone laid at the construction site of a church (Russian Orthodox Church) in honour of saint Eugene Botkin[note]Eugene Botkin was a doctor of Tsar Nicholas II and his family; the doctor was murdered together with the Royal Family on the 17th of July 1918.  [/note]. At first, there was an attempt to destroy the stone with a sledgehammer, then the stone was splashed with paint.  The clergy has failed a complaint against the vandal to the police.

The vandal was timely noticed by a parishioner who works nearby the construction site. The parishioner said that the vandal was intoxicated by alcohol and was complaining about the lack of housing; the vandal managed to escape. As with regard to the second vandalisation, no one had claimed to witness the crime.

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