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The Holy Synod of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Albania published a protest on offencive book “Devils in Cassocks”.

December 2, 2017. PROTEST About a “novel” that insults Orthodox faithful and beyond, as well as the religious harmony in Albania   From time to time certain groups create various rumors, with falsehoods and fabrications, to insult figures in the Orthodox Church. Recently at the Book Fair in Tirana an offensive book was presented. This was the so-called “novel” entitled […]

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Anti-Orthodox book in Albania calls saints and clergy “Demons in Cassocks”

November 27, 2017. Orthodox Christians in Albania were shocked and insulted by a presentation that took place during a recent book fair in the capital city of Tirana. The book that was unveiled, Demons in Cassocks, depicts Albania’s most beloved saint Kosmas of Aetolia, as well as the current primate of the Albanian Orthodox Church Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës […]

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Albania begins charging for entrance to Orthodox holy sites

November 21, 2017. Pilgrims and visitors must now purchase tickets for the privilege of entrance into several Orthodox monasteries and churches throughout Albania, according to a recent governmental decision, reports Clergy have already called the decision another in a long line of restrictive measures directed against the Orthodox Church in Albania. The new paying regime applies to St. Nicholas […]

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Orthodox church profaned in Albania

July 18, 2017. The desecration of Orthodox churches, monasteries, and holy sites has become common practice in modern-day Albania. The latest scandal was caused by a report of the TV station Top Channel, reports Inviting the audience to a jazz festival organized by the singer Eda Zari, the broadcast showed a music clip filmed inside an Orthodox church. The […]

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Destruction of Orthodox holy sites continues in Albania

June 15, 2017 – The Orthodox heritage in Albania has suffered another blow with the decay of the Monastery of St. Athanasius in Kato Lenitsa, founded in 1797. Due to the idleness of authorities, who confiscated the monastic buildings but undertook no measures to restore the landmark, the monastery sustained irreparable damage in the winter of 2017. The monastery currently […]

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