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Orthodox priest beaten in Albania

September 10, 2015. Fr Christos Pappas, a 77 year-old Orthodox priest in South Albania in the parish of Saint Haralambos (Sarande district) was the victim of an assault and battery. Two men impersonating police officers wearing balaclavas intercepted the priest as he was about to enter his residence. They didn’t steal anything from the house and they left the residence […]

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A new public protest of the Orthodox Church of Albania

September 10, 2015. The Orthodox Church of Albania published a press release in order to reject and protest harshly about the assertions of the official Government Institutions. The Church declared that it did not complain about the events concerning the demolition of the Church of St. Athanasius in Dhermi. The truth is that the Church has already issued three public […]

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The Albanian church of Saint Athanasius was destroyed

August 26, 2015. At around 4 o’clock in the morning, the Orthodox church of St. Athanasius was secretly and insidiously destroyed by construction inspection forces, which arrived from other areas of the country. The purpose was to avoid any conflicts with the residents of Dhermi in Himara. All the sacred utensils were buried under the rubble, as reports Orthodox Autocephalous […]

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Attempt of destruction of an Orthodox church in Albania

August 21, 2015. A very serious act of vandalism took place at the holy church of St. Athanasius in the town of Dhërmi. Unidentified persons driving cars without license plates destroyed the cement floor of the church during lunchtime. The moment was witnessed by the church priest, who is also a resident of Dhërmi. His life was put in danger […]

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The Albanian nationality was accorded to a football coach but not to the Orthodox Archbishop of Albania

March 28, 2015. The president of Albania Mr. Bougiar Nisani accorded the Albanian nationality to a football coach in order to honor him for his work and his service to the Albanian football team De Biazi. Contrary, several last years, Archbishop’s Anastasios (Giannoulatos) petitions for the Albanian nationality have been rejected by different Albanian government’s bodies, as reports

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