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Destruction of Orthodox holy sites continues in Albania

June 15, 2017 – The Orthodox heritage in Albania has suffered another blow with the decay of the Monastery of St. Athanasius in Kato Lenitsa, founded in 1797. Due to the idleness of authorities, who confiscated the monastic buildings but undertook no measures to restore the landmark, the monastery sustained irreparable damage in the winter of 2017. The monastery currently […]

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Communique of the Albanian Orthodox Church concerning the Hate Speech of a newspaper against the Orthodox Archbishop of Albania

March 1, 2016. The Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania published a communique as an answer to the Albanian newspaper “Gazeta Shqiptare”, as the website of the Albanian Orthodox Church reports. “Each new press release of Mr. Nikolla Marku and of the group of people which motivates him, is as much delirious in kind as the previous statements made by him. […]

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Albanian Orthodox Archbishop Anastasius speaks about the continuous persecution of the Albanian Orthodox Church

February 5, 2016. Archbishop Anastasius gave an interview and explained the situation in his Local Church, as the website agionoros reports. Today, the Orthodox Church of Albania is still persecuted by the authorities “which they have not yet returned the shrines, including many monasteries.” According to the archbishop, “it is not a matter of political authorities to determine what is […]

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Defamation of the Albanian Orthodox Church

October 17, 2015. The Albanian Orthodox Church published a press release reacting to the the session of the Albanian parliamentary assembly on 15th October, where it was a discussion about the destruction of the church of St Athanasius in Dhermi (Drymades). The Albanian Orthodox Church was accused that “at least during the last two years she has not given money […]

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