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Renewed Continuation of Illegal Construction work on Decani-Plav Highway within Visoki Dečani Monastery’s Special Protective Zone

August 14, 2020. Despite Kosovo’s Law on Special Protective Zones explicitly forbidding building highways and transit roads through Special Protective Zones, the unambiguous stance of the Law’s Implementation Council, and the position of international representatives in Kosovo that the construction of a Dečani-Plav highway through the Monastery’s Protective Zone constitutes an illegal act, the local Kosovar authorities in Dečani, together with […]

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The founder of the humanitarian fund for assistance to the resettled Serbs was not allowed into Kosovo with the Christmas humanitarian convoy

December 28, 2018. Franco-Serbian humanitarian Arno Gujon posted on his Facebook page that he was stopped at the Jarinje, entry-exit checkpoint, last night when he attempted to enter Kosovo and Metohija. Mr Gujon led the Christmas convoy for Kosovo and Metohija as he had been doing for the past 14 years. This great Serbian-French humanitarian said that it was difficult […]

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