The founder of the humanitarian fund for assistance to the resettled Serbs was not allowed into Kosovo with the Christmas humanitarian convoy

December 28, 2018. Franco-Serbian humanitarian Arno Gujon posted on his Facebook page that he was stopped at the Jarinje, entry-exit checkpoint, last night when he attempted to enter Kosovo and Metohija. Mr Gujon led the Christmas convoy for Kosovo and Metohija as he had been doing for the past 14 years.

This great Serbian-French humanitarian said that it was difficult for him, but he was happy that it did not hinder the Christmas campaign of “Solidarity for Kosovo” organization that he is a founder of. He said that the remaining French volunteers were able to enter the Kosovo and Metohija and that they would be able to start sharing the humanitarian aid that they “partly brought from France and partly purchased on the spot”.

The incident is not the first of this kind. The first time Gujon was not permitted to enter Kosovo and Metohija in September at the Merdare administrative point, along with the explanation of the Kosovo police that there was no “permission” for visiting Kosovo.