St Trinity’s Church was Burgled for the 19th Time (since 1999)

February 11, 2019 – On 10 February 2019 late night the St Trinity’s Church (the Serbian Orthodox Church), situated in the village Babljak[note] The local faithful of Serbian Orthodox Church are Serbs who have returned back to their houses in the village Babljak after the 1999 bombing and 2004 March incidents
[/note], nearby Uroševac (Albanian: Ferizaj) in Kosovo, was burgled.

The incident was noticed by the sexton. The window of the church was firmly protected with the metal bars, but the perpetrators broke both the bars and the window with a hammer and burgled into the church. Certain damage inside the church was made, and all the money from the cashbox was taken. Yet, according to the words of the local priest, father Vlajko Trajković, the damage sustained was not only material but also spiritual.

This is the 19th attack of this particular church since 1999.

The incident was reported to the police.


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