The supporters of the OCU did not permit the clergy of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church to celebrate the All-Night Vigil in the village of Bohoniki.

March 9, 2019 – According to the official website of the Vinnitsa Diocese of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the group of supporters of the OCU[note]Orthodox Church of Ukraine is a religious organization that was formed with an aid of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and with non-canonical actions of the Constantinople Patriarchate at the end of 2018. So far, none of the canonical Orthodox Churches has recognised this organization as an Orthodox Church.[/note] have blocked the passage to the St John the Theologian’s Church in the village of Bohoniki, Vinnitsa district,  and did not allow the canonical Ukranian Orthodox Church[note]The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) is an autonomous Orthodox Church with the headquarter in Kiev, Ukraine. It is spiritually and canonically linked with the Russian Orthodox Church.[/note]’s clergy led by Archbishop Varsonophiy to enter even the village territory. That evening Archbishop Varsonophy headed to the church to serve the All-Night Vigil in the church.

Archbishop Varsonofy published on his Facebook page a video capturing a dispute between the clergy and the OCU’s supporters during the incident. The incident has been reported to the police. It has promised to give a proper assessment of the unlawful actions of the supporters.

Visual Testimony:


  1. Vinnitsa Diocese of the Ukranian Orthodox Church – “Supporters of the OCU did not allow the bishop with the clergy and believers to enter the territory of the village Bohoniky”. (“Прихильники ПЦУ не пустили архієрея з духовенством і віруючими на територію села Бохоники.”)
  2. Facebook page of the bishop of Vinnitsa Diocese, archbishop Varsonophiy – video publication “the conversation with the radicals, who did not let the Orthodox not only to reach the church but also to enter the village of Bohoniki, Vinnitsa district.” (“Розмова з радикалами, котрі не пустили православних не тільки до храму, але й до с. Бохоники, Вінницького р-ну.”)

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