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Draft bills in Bulgaria to change the law for religions

March 30, 2016. Two draft bills tabled in Bulgaria’s Parliament by opposition socialist MPs to amend the law on religious denominations – including provisions that would limit the activities of foreign clerics – are causing controversy, with critics condemning the bills as an assault on religious freedom, as the website sofiaglobe reports. One bill was tabled on March 1 by […]

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The ownership of Bulgarian Patriarchate in the cathedral of Saint Alexandre Nevsky in Sophia is in danger

December 7, 2015. The Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria examined the application of the representatives of cultural and historical society “adherents” against the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria in 2014, as the website reports. According to the decision of the Bulgarian government, the ownership of the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky in Sofia […]

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The Bulgarian Orthodox Church about the propaganda of Yoga

June 2, 2015. The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church sent a letter to the Bulgarian Minister of Education and Sciences Mr. Todor Tanev, asking him to prevent the propaganda of Yoga in the public schools of Bulgaria as reports the Bulgarian Patriarchate. The Holy Synod considers as unacceptable and unsatisfactory this practice in the Bulgarian system of education.

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