Orthodox Patriarchate of Bulgaria pronounced in favour to preserve Saturday and Sunday as days-off

July 9, 2015. The Orthodox Patriarchate of Bulgaria during the session of the Holy Synod expressed its disagreement with the gradual abolition of Sunday in Bulgaria as a day-off as the official web-site of the Patriarchate reports.

The Holy Synod says that in Bulgaria it has been established 40 hours of work per week, which means that on Saturday and Sunday people are free to have some rest. Their free time has to be devoted for God and family life in order to have a balance and to have joy in the grace of God.

The Holy Synod underlines that many employers recruit people to work on Saturday and Sunday. They follow the interests of the enterprises by neglecting the family relations and the spiritual needs and this can be harmful for the society. The Bishops underline that for Christians Sunday is a day of rest as it is the day of Christ’s Resurrection.

At the end of the document, the Synod calls the authorities to take indispensable measures and to regulate this issue by ensuring the respect of Saturday and Sunday as days-off by avoiding the enforcement to work where it is not really required.

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