Church raiders keep electricians out of UOC church

March 22, 2018. Kyiv Patriarchate followers, who seized the Holy Righteous Anna Church of Kuty in the Shumsk district of the Ternopol region, again provoked the conflict round the temple.

As a UOJ correspondent reports, the community, the owner of the church, which restored its rights through the court, applied to the regional office of “Ternopiloblenergo” with an application to cut off power supply to this facility. However, the representatives of the Kiev Patriarchate, who still hold the church at their disposal, did not let either the workers of the RES or the police in the territory.

According to the head of the UOC community, Protopriest Igor Kushniruk, he paid for the execution of the ordered works amounting to 560 hryvnias. In addition to the work request to the RES, he also filed a statement with the police, because to fulfill the application, it was necessary to ensure public order and access to the workplace. As a result, the raiders who seized the church and lost the case in court immediately appeared in the territory of the temple. They did not allow the planned work done.

The next day, as the clergyman specified, the UOC community simply broke the contract for electricity supply to its church, as it does not use electricity and does not have access to the premises.

As soon as the Holy Righteous Anna Church is again de facto at the disposal of the rightful owner, the contract will be restored.

Recently, the UOC community of the village of Kuty finally won a lawsuit for its church against the Kiev Patriarchate, but still cannot start using its real estate.


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