Parish of the Holy Righteous Anna of the UOC won litigation for the temple

February 15, 2018. On February 15, 2018, the decision of the Cassation Economic Court as part of the Supreme Court of Ukraine affirmed the victory of the community of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kuty village, Shumsk district, Ternopol region in a lawsuit for the church real estate which the Kyiv Patriarchate had been trying to challenge. This is reported by the correspondent of the UOJ.

As explained by the lawyer of Ternopol eparchy of the UOC, Andrei Zakharchuk, the higher court has finally confirmed the right of the community of the Holy Righteous Anna to the temple: the court overturned the decision of the Lvov Economic Court of Appeal of September 26, 2017, which was not in favor of the UOC community.

Recall, then in the Lvov Economic Court of Appeal decided to satisfy the claim of the community of the Kyiv Patriarchate, repealing the previous decision of the Economic Court of Ternopol region of April 6, 2017, in which the court refused to invalidate the title documents of the UOC community for its real estate, as the UOC-KP had wanted.

Accordingly, the decision of the court of first instance, rendered in favor of the present owner of the church in the village of Kuty – parish of the Holy Righteous Anna of the UOC – remains in force.

Currently the temple is being disposed of by the proponents of the Kyiv Patriarchate having illegally seized it in September 2016. After the court made a final decision, which confirms the right of the UOC community to the disputable church building, the raiders are left without any arguments.


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