Volyn believers adopt an appeal against the lie in media about their rector

October 8, 2018. The parishioners of the Holy Protection Church in the village of Ozero of the Kivertsy district, Volyn region, adopted an appeal to the authorities and the mass media in connection with the publication in the local newspaper of lies about their rector Protopriest Mikhail Zhuromsky, reports a UOJ correspondent.

As the first protest action, the community decided to block the highway near the village on September 30. The believers do not lose hope that their demands will be fulfilled, and the mass media will publish their point of view on the conflict in the village incited by journalists.

“Nobody believed that we would block the highway,” said Irina Khomich, a resident of the village who participated in the action of protest. According to her, representatives of the authorities promised to influence the editorial staff of the district edition.

In early September, a child baptized in the Cathedral of the UOC KP in Lutsk died in the village of Ozero. The rector of the local church of the UOC Protopriest Mikhail advised the parents to turn to the Kiev Patriarchate to hold a burial service for their child. In the media, this woeful event caused public statements by the top officials of the region. The last point for the residents of Ozero was an article going beyond ethics and journalistic standards in a local district newspaper, written by the chief editor of the publication Vasily Nedilsky.

The believers had to block the route because of the district newspaper and authorities ignoring their legitimate demands to publish the viewpoint of the church members on what had happened to protect the reputation of their priest.

As the UOJ reported, the Ozero community waited more than a week for the newspaper’s editors to publish their answer to the editor, but to no avail. After the first protest, the parishioners will additionally hold an assembly in the village. Both district officials and representatives of the newspaper’s editorial board will be invited to take part in the meeting.

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