Villagers of Bukovini filled up a trench, made for the construction of a church of the Moscow Patriarchate

March 10, 2016. A conflict was provoked in Bukovini village (Ukraine) by the decision to build a new church in the village of Kibaki, Vizhnitskiy region, as Young Bukovinetc reports. Some villagers were against the construction of the church because they already have one there, which belongs to the Kiev Patriarchate, as the website molbuk reports.

There are 15 families there, which belong to the Moscow Patriarchate, and they decided to build the church‘, – said Father Alexander Fushtey, Superior of the Church of the Patronage of the Mother of God of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, at Kibaki village, in Vizhnitskiy region, – ‘Yet, people, living in the village, arranged meetings, where they voted against another church in the village‘.

According to the priest, the villages have already dug a trench where they were going to build the new church. The place was to be blessed on 8 March.

‘The blessing was set on 8 March, trenches were made’, – explained A.Fushtey. – Yet the villagers who were against it filled them up. It even led to a meeting.

A war is looming‘, – warned the priest. ‘According to the common sense, our soldiers shouldn’t be killed, and churches of the Moscow Patriarchate should be built on and on. So, I think that people will come out for the construction of the church again‘.

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