Vandals burnt a four-meter cross beside the Andronikov monastery in Moscow

May 29, 2017 – On Sunday night, unknown assailants burnt the four-meter cross beside the Saint Andronikov monastery in Moscow.

The vandals hacked it with an axe, covered it with flammable liquids and burnt the cross beside the monastery”, according to Lada Savonina, the Director of the monastery’s public restoration movement.

The cross was established near a miraculous well and was installed with the hands of the revered Andronik in 1357.

The Moscow Patriarchate has condemned the burning of the cross.

The burning of the cross is a sign of a non-acceptance of the main symbol of Christianity, which demonstrates God’s love to mankind”, commented Vahtang Kipshidze, the assistant to the Department of Relations with the Media.

According to him, the desecrated cross “is the foundation not only of the Christian faith, but of Russian culture, whose best examples are located in the Museum of Andrey Rublev” (located beside the monastery). This arson is a sign of a “spiritual deficit and a lack of proper upbringing”.

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