Vandalism in an Orthodox Church

January 21, 2016. The night of 20th January in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine), in the Church of Mother of God “Iverskaya”, unknown persons vandalized the miraculous icon of Mother of God as the website of the Union of the Orthodox Journalists reports.

According to the rector of the church archpriest Nikolai Nesprava, the vandals entered the temple and broke the stained glass. Then they stole the offerings of believers to the icon of Mother of God. Despite the fact that the shrine was protected by armoured glass, the sacrilege persons removed the protective components and stole the jewellery.

“These offerings represent not only material value, but a greater spiritual value. Behind every offering to this icon there is a personal experience of faith. People, who come to the church, are always interested in this. Believers from all around the world express their joy to Mother of God for different miracles”, commented archpriest Nikolai Nesprava.

Early in the morning, when the theft was discovered and the police was called. On the scene of the crime arrived law enforcement officers, who carefully conducted prompt action and even special police dogs participated to the investigation.

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