Vandalism and desecration of an Orthodox church in the Diocese of Raska-Pizren

January 11, 2016. Bishop of Raska-Prizren and Kosovo-Metohija Theodosius firmly condemned the vandalism and desecration of the church of Christ the Saviour in the centre of Prištinnj (Kosovo), which is still under construction, as the official website of the Serbian Patriarchate reports.

Albanian hooligans broke down the metal door and used the church for defecation as recorded on the video TV stations RTK2. This act of vandalism, extreme primitivism and lack of culture deserves special condemnation because the footage showing members of the Kosovo police who calmly pass by the entrance to the temple. It was broken into and the protesters in yesterday’s protest used the place as a public toilet.

The Diocese of Raska and Prizren invites the Municipality of Pristina, the Ministry of Physical Planning and culture in Kosovo as soon as possible to repair the metal doors which have been installed at the entrance to the temple and to cleanse after the desecration. Unfortunately, this behaviour is another case of attack and desecration of a church in the city centre.

Photo and video documents from the website of the Serbian Patriarchate