UOC priest’s home hijacked by schismatics

October 27, 2017. Representatives of the schismatic “Kiev Patriarchate” (UOC-KP) have seized the home of canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) cleric Archpriest Igor Margita and his family in the village of Hrybovytsia, in Western Ukraine, reports unian.ua.

The incident was reported yesterday evening by Archpriest Oleg Tochinsky, the press secretary of the Volynhia Diocese.

“Friends, we ask for prayerful support! Right now, at this very minute, in the village of Hrybovytsia in the Ivanychi Region of the Volhynia Province, supporters of the ‘Kiev Patriarchate’ are attempting to capture the home of a priest of the UOC and his family. The schismatics have broken into the home! They’re carrying his stuff out! The police are just watching,” Fr. Oleg wrote on his Facebook page.

Fr. Oleg also wrote that the home is currently the subject of a legal battle between the UOC and the schismatic UOC-KP. A court session had been held earlier in the same day, although it was postponed when lawyers of the UOC-KP were unable to provide evidence that the building should belong to them. However, as the priest writes, supporters of the schismatic jurisdiction were unwilling to wait for the judicial process to be fully carried out and seized the house illegally.

In a later update post, Fr. Oleg noted that both the invaders and the priest and his matushka are in the home, both sides refusing to leave. Fr. Igor’s belongings are still sitting on the lawn. “The police, although they are at the scene, have taken a position of non-interference and observation,” he writes.

Fr. Igor’s home has repeatedly been subjected to attacks by intruders. Moreover, his community’s Holy Protection parish was overtaken by schismatics in 2015. The community is currently completing the building of a new church.



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