Unknown perpetrators threw explosives into the porch of the Sumy Cathedral during the evening worship.

January 18, 2019 – The Union of Orthodox Journalist with reference to the official website of the Sumy Diocese, Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) reports that the explosion occurred in the Sumy Cathedral on the evening of January 18 right during the Divine Service of the feast of Theophany; “only in a happy coincidence, nobody was hurt”, informs the Sumy Diocese’s website. Employees of various police departments and explosives specialists arrived at the scene.

Parishioners of the cathedral tend to believe that a daring crime is a direct consequence of the aggressive rhetoric of fomenting inter-religious conflict, which is strongly supported at the official level. The inaction of the authorities and law enforcement agencies especially increases the risk of recurrence of such incidents.

Video/photo testimony:

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  1. Union of Orthodox Journalist –  “Eхplosion occurs during the feast service in Sumy Cathedral”
  2. The official website of Sumy Diocese, Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) – “An explosion occurred during the evening worship in the porch of the Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy.” (“Під час вечірнього богослужіння у притворі Спасо-Преображенського кафедрального собору м. Суми стався вибух.”)

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