Unknown people set fire to the Orthodox church near Moscow

January 4, 2018. Unknown attackers committed arson on the wooden Orthodox church of All Saints in the town of Mytischi near Moscow, as reports Interfax-Religion.

“The wooden trailer, which we recently purchased to store the scenery for Sunday school performances and other attributes was completely set on fire. At first, the door was broken, the lock was destructed, the walls were poured (with inflamable liquid) and set on fire. The flame spread over the tree, and from the tree – to the altar apse of the temple, which was burnt, “- said the Irina Kakhovskaya, the Sunday school director.

According to her, the incident occurred on the night of 29 to 30 December.

In order to extinguish the fire the roof was dismantled. “There they poured from the hoses, poured to the point where we stood ankle-deep in the water inside the temple, soaked through, rescuing icons and everything that could be pulled out,” I.Kakhovskaya said.

According to her, parishioners managed to save icons, liturgical books and liturgical vessels.

The parishioners took a waterproof film to cover the roof – “so that they could serve offices.”

“Apparently, they wanted to deprive us of the New Year and Christmas, but nevertheless Father Vladislav served in this church, in which the water was still running down from the walls, during liturgy and the New Year’s service. Now we are preparing for Christmas, the people are very united, although the parish is small, but the people are very worthy, “the agency interlocutor stressed, adding that the material damage was great, and the church would have to be restored in parts.

The Church of All Saints in Mytishchi was built on the means of parishioners and the family of the abbot, the royal gates were brought from the Gornensky monastery of Jerusalem and presented to the temple by the artist Ilya Kruchinin.

A protocol on arson was drawn up, a criminal case will be opened on the fact of arson, today a meeting of clergy was held in Mytishchi deanery, where clergymen discussed the incident, the abbot’s wife told.

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