Unjust decision of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine about the use of an ancient Orthodox cathedral

February 21, 2016. The Ukrainian authorities gave the permission to the so-called Kiev Patriarchate to use a chapel in the honor of the prince Yaroslav the Wise, inside the Church of Saint Sophia (God’s Wisdom), as the website pravlife reports.

By this decision the Ministry of culture of Ukraine provoked conflicts between the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and the State. Representative of the UOC (MP) spoke about the incident on the website romfea. “This that happened today was out of limits and the entrance of the schematics in Saint Sophia will cause the loss of very important relics”, underlined the representative of the UOC.

One of the bishops of the so-called Patriarchate of Kiev commented that “this was a historical event for the Ukrainian State and the Church”.

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