UN monitoring mission documents incidents against churches of UOC

September 20, 2018. OHCHR reports that the police opened criminal cases regarding two of the incidents against UOC temples.

During the reporting period of May 16 – August 15, 2018, OHCHR documented six attacks against churches of the UOC, says a new UN Report on the human rights situation in Ukraine published on the official page of the UN monitoring mission on Facebook on September 19.

For instance, on 5 August 2018, in Odessa, the words “FSB branch” was inscribed on the front entrances of three churches, says the UN Report. The UN observers detailed that the police opened criminal cases regarding two of these incidents.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church noted that the frequent attacks on temples are the result of “the ever-aggravated aggression against the UOC by the media and radical political forces in the society”.




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