Threats to blow up St. George’s Cathedral of UOC reported in Lvov

November 1, 2019. The police of the Lviv region received an e-mail that the building of the regional clinical hospital and St. George’s Cathedral of the UOC (Korolenko St.) in Lviv were mined, reports the website of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Lvov region.

Investigation and operational groups, bomb experts, dog handlers, patrol policemen and specialists from other services went to the indicated addresses.

Law enforcement officials did not find explosive objects on the territory of the Lvov Regional Clinical Hospital and St. George’s Cathedral of the UOC, as reported on the Facebook page of the National Police in the Lvov region.

The police are taking measures to identify the person who provided false information about the mining of buildings, it is decided to open criminal proceedings on the case.

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