The UOC temple comes under fire in Donetsk region

August 30, 2018. The OSCE Monitoring Mission recorded holes in the church wall and shrapnel damage in the adjacent building.

The Holy Protection temple of the UOC, located in the village Staromikhailovka of Mariinsky district of Donetsk region, came under fire. This was stated in a report by the OSCE Monitoring Mission dated August 26.

“On August 26 in Staromikhailovka, members of the Mission patrol saw a fresh funnel in the yard, about 20 meters west of the church at 7 Kalinina St., and 4 meters to the south of the one-story building adjoining the church,” the document says.

Observers also recorded fresh holes in the western wall of the temple, and on the south side of the adjacent building: broken windows and shrapnel damage on the doors.

“According to the SMM, the damage occurred as a result of hitting of the infantry fighting vehicle shell that was fired from the south-west direction,” the OSCE report says.


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