The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is building a new church as a result of having theirs illegally seized by the Kiev Patriarchate

March 13, 2017 – The canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church was illegally seized in 2015 in the village of Katerinovka, Ternopol oblast. Because of this seizure, the Ukrainian Orthodox community is searching for funds to build a new church as a result of not having a permanent place for conducting church services.

Members of the Kiev Patriarchate and the Right Sector seized the canonical Orthodox Church in honour of the holy martyr Saint George. In order to prevent further strife in the community, they have decided to build a new church”, stated the community in a communique.

Furthermore, the charity’s press release notes that the village council has not yet allowed the building of the church and has not yet granted any land. In response, one believer has offered the use of his land parcel for the building of a home. This home could be used as a church to allow the community to conduct liturgies there any time.

The conduct of church services inside private houses is not forbidden neither by the laws of Ukraine, nor by the canons of the church. According to ancient Christian traditions, a lack of churches in the ancient world has led many church services to be conducted in private homes of believers.

The current cost of the new church is estimated to be 71,000 Ukrainian grivens. So far, only nine thousand has been collected. The official start of the works has begun on March 7, and the inauguration of the new church is planned for May 7, 2017.