The Ukrainian Orthodox Church found fraud in the collection of signatures for the transfer of the Kiev Caves Lavra

December 14, 2015. The press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), claims that there is fraud in the collection of signatures for the transfer of Kiev Caves Lavra, as the website Interfax-religion reports.

Many users of the Internet, which in the e-mail came dispatch to confirm the signing of the said petition, explained that when the user opens the link with the purpose to know its contents, or to unsubscribe, will automatically receive the message that their vote has been counted in support of the petition.

The rector of Pochayiv Lavra, Metropolitan Vladimir, said that this initiative to transfer Lavra has the purpose to create a sectarian strife and he warned that it will end with unpleasant consequences. The transfer of the spiritual cradle of Orthodox monasticism in Rus’ Kiev-Pechersk Lavra to the dissenters means to close it for Orthodoxy believers. Everybody today knows very well that none of the Orthodox Churches of the world does not recognize the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate”, said  Metropolitan Vladimir in a letter.

The Rector of Svyatogorsk Lavra, Metropolitan Arseniy also made a statement in an open letter, and in his speech pointed out not only the seizures, but also the arson and looting of churches of the UOC: “Such things did not happen from Gentiles or pagans but from people who call themselves Christians. They do it under the guise of pseudo-religious slogans and political expediency”, said Metropolitan Arseniy. He reminded that this is an effort to draw the attention of people from the serious things which happen at this moment in Ukraine.

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