The Tabernacle with the Holy Sacraments is stolen from a Khmelnitsky (Ukraine) church

June 1, 2017 – The Tabernacle with the Holy Sacraments was stolen from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, named Svyato-Pokrovksy, in the village of Adamovka. The evildoers have broken into the side door of the church, and entered under the cover of the night. According to Archpriest Michael Varahoby, they have also desecrated the church, and were planning to steal the icons inside. It appears as though they did not have time to complete their misdeed. The law enforcement agencies are currently investigating the details of the crime. He is also shocked that the vandals chose to steal the Tabernacle – an object that is sacred for believers, but not so much from a financial value.

Archpriest Varahoby believes that the crime was done under the influence of the dislike for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. One such church was captured recently in the nearby village of Zoryanoe. Furthermore, a hate campaign is being led in the region to seize even more churches.

The Archpriest commented that “In Adamovka, most people are good and pious, and they attend the church services. But the “Right Sector” and “Freedom” party are misinforming the people about the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Most people do not react to their campaign, but future consequences remain to be seen”.

The Svyato-Pokrovsky Church was built in 1773. It stands in a relatively isolated part of the village, the government allocates very little funds for it, unlike for the church located in the center. The Archpriest recommends adding more lighting around the church for a more secure environment.