The Kiev Patriarchate has invented a new way to retain a seized Orthodox Christian Cathedral of the Moscow Patriarchate

March 22, 2017 – The legal trade union PRIVÈ is going to handle the legalization of the transfer of Saint Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev.

According to the managing partner of the firm, Evgeny Kramarenko, “our legal firm PRIVÈ is handling the consulting, accompaniment, and judicial assistance to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate. The documents we collected have been forwarded to the Internal Revenue Service of Ukraine and to the Land Registry Office”.

The land registry documents of the Saint Vladimir Cathedral have been lost in 1938. In 1852, Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, Filaret (Amphiteatrov) has written a letter to Tsar Nicholas I to express the importance of building a church in Kiev, dedicated to Saint Vladimir.

On September 1, the Cathedral was sanctified in the presence of the higher clergy, the imperial family dignitaries and the Kiev Metropolitan Ionnikiy (Rudnev). In 1929, the Cathedral was closed by the Communist authorities and became a museum of anti-religious propaganda. After the liberation of Kiev in 1944, the Cathedral became the seat of the Metropolitan of Kiev and Galicia, exarch of Ukraine. In 1988, a celebration was held in the church in honor of 1000 years since the Christening of the Kiev Rus. In 1995, the Synod of the Kiev Patriarchate was held in the same cathedral.