The Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has issued an official statement about the current situation in Ukrainian and World Orthodoxy

April 3, 2019 – The heads of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church1 have convened for a session. In the result, an official statement, explaining the current situation and the Church’s position, has been issued. The document informs about discrimination and violation of the rights of the believers, a criminal persecution of a priest who protects the rights of faithful and freedom of religion, state interference into church affairs, in particular, the recent discriminatory and unconstitutional laws against UOC, violence and church seizures on behalf of the OCU2, and why the actions of the Constantinople Patriarchate for granting Tomos3 to OCU is a “grave error”.

The full document is available at the Churches’ documents section.


Information and Education Department of UOC – 3 April 2019, “Statement of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the current situation in Ukrainian and World Orthodoxy”


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  1. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) is an autonomous Orthodox Church with the headquarter in Kiev, Ukraine. It is spiritually and canonically linked with the Russian Orthodox Church.
  2. Orthodox Church of Ukraine is a religious organization that was formed with an aid of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine and with non-canonical actions of the Constantinople Patriarchate on 15 December 2018. So far, none of the canonical Orthodox Churches has recognised this organization as an Orthodox Church.
  3. Tomos –  a decree of the head of an autocephalous (independent of external jurisdiction) Church on the important issue of church organization. For example, the autonomy or autocephaly of any church area is granted through Tomos.
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