The Holy Protection Church of Moscow Patriarcate robbed and desecrated in Odessa region.

10 January, 2017. On Wednesday night, the Holy Protection Church of the city of Chernomorsk, Odessa region, was robbed and desecrated, the Odessa diocese informs.

Attackers penetrated through the backdoor. The criminals hijacked all the donation boxes and, probably seeing that they did not have the expected amount of money, began to destroy everything in the temple and altar. In particular, the scammers broke the altar doors and, blew powder from the fire extinguishers all over the place before leaving, said in a statement.

An investigative and operational group was called up on the scene.

At the same time, the diocese notes with regret that in 2017, none of the 19 cases of robberies and desecration of the temples was resolved and the perpetrators were not punished.

“This trend suggests that certain forces have emerged in our region that seek to undermine the constructive interreligious situation that has developed in the last few decades in the Odessa region,” the diocese believes.

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