The diocese of Orel is asking to find the author of the defamatory false claim about the Jeep of the bishop

May 30, 2017 – The diocese of Orel is asking the law enforcement agencies to settle the problem about a claim from the Bishop of Livensk and Maloarchanel Nektariy about his automobile.

We believe that the law enforcement agencies will be able to locate the author of the ‘letter’, which was supposedly written from an Archpriest in the diocese, from an anonymous email”, states the Informational department of the diocese.

The “Orel News” has previously claimed that Bishop Nektariy has an expensive Jeep, and that afterwards, he supposedly published a letter, accusing journalists of spreading lies, and threatening to involve the law enforcement agencies.

The head of the informational department of the diocese, Evgeny Borisov, has told that the document is a fake, and that the Bishop’s Jeep was a gift from an Agronomical holding involved in developing the region of Orel. Furthermore, it was determined that Bishop Nektariy made no statement that the news agency of Orel claimed.


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