Senior priest of Saint Michael Orthodox church in Katerinopol beaten

January 29, 2017. Three UAOC clergymen beat up senior priest of Saint Michael UOC church in Katerinopol. UAOC representatives thought the priest of the canonical Church “does not love Ukraine strong enough” , as reports UOJ.

According to the aggrieved father, UAOC priests would like to occupy Saint Michael church. This fact triggered the conflict.

One of the abusers, Pavel Dobriansky, is famous for calling himself a “spiritual commandant of Maidan”, as well as for having been excluded from the Kiev Patriarchate for his improper and defying behavior. Dobriansky joined the autocephalous then.

A criminal proceeding is open upon the fact on the grounds of Part 1 Article 125 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (intentional trivial injury).

The UAOC priests insist on their being the aggrieved party. Herewith they continue their regular life, while father Victor is on a drip in hospital.

UOC parishioners in Katerinopol have written several hundred letters to the administration chief and the prosecutor asking them “to secure them from the improper behavior of UAOC representatives.” The letters, signed by over 200 persons, are going to be handed in on 30 January at 9 a.m.

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