ROC: In Ukraine they want to make people afraid to go to the lawful Church

December 10, 2017. The support of all Orthodox Churches warms the soul of the faithful people of Ukraine, as well as a firm, strict adherence to the canonical rule, which excludes any unilateral politically biased proclamation of autocephaly. It was said by by Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill on December 6 during the meeting with His Beatitude Metropolitan of the Czech Lands and Slovakia Rostislav, reports

The Primate of the ROC stressed that the Ukrainian authorities are unable to implement the decisions of even their own courts. “The temples are seized by force, with physical beating of people. We win the courts, but court decisions are not implemented, because groups of militants occupy temples, do not allow the bailiffs to enter, local authorities are afraid of radicals.”

According to the First Hierarch, the appearance of any autocephaly by illegal means “will further complicate the situation, further rupture the Orthodox body of Ukraine.” He explained that despite the huge support of people “certain political forces want to legally change the name, to deprive our Church of its historical name -” Ukrainian Orthodox Church “, linking it with Russia, which they call an “aggressor country.” That is, they want to create psychological and political prerequisites for people to be afraid to go to the legitimate Church.”

Patriarch Kirill thanked His Beatitude Metropolitan Rostislav for his position of rejecting anti-church bills in the Verkhovna Rada. “The Rada took a time-out, but it is not known how it will end. Therefore, I would ask to be constantly vigilant and react in all possible ways, because only public opinion, including that in the European Union, can act on those people who are trying to destroy our Church,” he said.


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