Orthodox sculptures demolished in Russia

December 10, 2015. In the Central park of Vladimir region (Russia), Orthodox sculptures were demolished, as the website Interfax-religion reports.

According to the national tele and radio company “Russia Vladimir“, ten Orthodox sculptures made of white stone have been destroyed with a bulldozer, under the excuse that they were dirty. Broken into pieces, the sculptures then have thrown to the incinerator under a pile of rebar. The issue was not discussed at the city monumental commission beforehand.

The academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Andrei Balashov expressed his discomfort and he promised that they will discuss this question on the sculptural commission of the Academy of Fine Arts, and sculptural commission of Union of Artists of Russia.

Video document from regional news on the national tele and radio company “Russia Vladimir” broadcast on the 10.12.2015

Photo documents of the sculptures from “Russia Vladimir” braodcast

Photo documents of the sculptures before destruction from vladimirgid.ru

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